How the idea for Killa nicotine pouches was raised

The idea for Killa nicotine pouches came about because the founders wanted to create a healthier alternatives to cigarettes, and even today Killapods is aimed at users who no longer want to consume tobacco but who still wants to enjoy the effects of nicotine.

Smoking is something that exposes both the smoker himself and the environment to risks. When you inhale cigarette smoke from someone else who smokes, it’s called passive smoking. It leads to almost the same major health risks such as smoking yourself. Therefore, it is not only you who are exposed to danger when you are smoking. Passive smoking can cause both acute and chronic respiratory problems. It can also aggravate childhood asthma and trigger asthma in healthy children.

Killa nicotine pouches instead of cigarettes

Many people who wants to quit smoking are looking for an alternative where they can get their nicotine intake, but avoid the dangerous smoke. Some smokers therefore switch from cigarettes to classic snus. The user’s trachea is then not exposed to smoke, and is not exposed to carbon monoxide or other combustion products found in tobacco smoke. Carbon monoxide is a gas that degrades the blood ability to transport oxygen in the body.

For those of you who wants to take the step from cigarettes to classic snus that contains tobacco, the suggestion is to use snus that has a nicotine level of about 8 mg/g. Snus varieties to take a closer look at can be classic Göteborgs Rapé, General Snus, Ettan Snus or Odens original.

Others who want to quit smoking immediately switch to products that are completely free of both smoke and tobacco. Compared to Snus, the risks are even more reduced as you are not exposed to the tobacco as snus contains. Killa nicotine pouches does not contain tobacco or tar, and is a product that many used to quit smoking. This was the hope when Killa nicotine pouches was created, and is a factor that the use of Killapods continues to increase.

Other tobacco free products

If you have already tested the entire range from Killa nicotine pouches and now want to explore other brands, we have a wide range here at SnusMe, both with nicopods, snus and chewing tobacco. If you like a clear mint taste, check out the White Fox brand, for example, which has several different flavors of mint in the range.

Another brand that is similar to Killa nicotine pouches and has a wide range of exciting flavors is Nordic Snus own nicotine pouch Nordic Spirit. In it’s range you will find flavors like Elderflower, Berry Citrus, Watermelon and Mocha. It also has a variety of mint flavors to choose from. We are most certain that you will find something that you will like in our wide range!